Glide OEM Solution for Manual-Wax Treadmills for Home Use (2oz)

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Lubrication, Treadmill, Water & Oil-Based for Home Use

Glide's proprietary blend of nano-particulate silicones has been the treadmill lubrication of choice by many of the largest and most prestigious commercial fitness clubs for years. Now it's been reformulated to perform beautifully with your home treadmill.

This extremely light viscosity OIL-BASED product is compatible with all treadmills that require a silicone oil, such as Bodyguard, Bowflex, Freemotion, HealthRider, Icon, Keys, Landice, NordicTrack, ProForm, SportsArt, Weslo and more. This product is a true original, engineered from the ground up to be the most effective treadmill lubrication available; proven in the harshest environments imaginable. Now that it's the easiest to apply, why would you settle for anything else?

The WATER-BASED lubricant has been packaged to make application of the product incredibly easy. Formulated under high pressure and using only top-of-the-line resins, Glide's OEM Water-Based Solution exceeds manufacturer specifications. The High Pressure Emulsification Process ensures that the particulate matter is microscopic. This means that the product is able to penetrate deep within the running belt. Once dry, there's no oily residue. Along with built in anti-static properties, it continues to work as a dust repellent.

Note: If you own a treadmill that requires an oil-based lubrication, DO NOT USE THE WATER-BASED PRODUCT IN THE WHITE PACKAGING. You should use the sister product that comes in the red packaging, our extremely light viscosity oil-based solution.

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